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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where Have We been?

I haven’t posted for a month. There hasn’t really been anything stopping me, but I’ve just been procrastinating. I haven’t really gotten anything done, because A) I haven’t seen my coauthor, B) last time I was going to work with him on Google Docs, Irene struck and made me lose power, and C) I’ve just never felt like working on it. I should probably tell you I procrastinate.

We are…

…at the same point in the book as the last post, a month ago. My coauthor has written a few pages since then, but it is mostly embellishment on what we already wrote, not anything new. I am hoping to write a lot more in the next few days. My school was cancelled due to Irene, so I’ll have more time, which I hope to put to good use writing.

There isn’t much else to say, since we haven’t had much progress. I’m also thinking about starting work on the cover for the book; expect pictures of in sometime in the next few posts, along with a poll about which one to use.

I’m thinking of making a page of sample chapters. I created it on Google Docs and now, anyone with the link can view it. If you want to see regularly updated chapters and information about the book. So, see you next post (which hopefully won’t take as long as this one).

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Random Update

While at a camp together, we managed to scrape together 10+ pages (on paper, not computer. On a computer it would be much less, but I'm proud nonetheless!), on one of which a main character dies. I shan't reveal which one (not like any of you besides a select few would even know who it is, since we don't have enough chapters available for you to find out), at least not yet. But it is a very dramatic, awesome death, I can assure you. Odds are, it's not who you think it is. Our book is really drawing to a close, so yes, that. And I am not Andrew, I am the secondary author whose name will remain unknown until the book's release.

That's all for now! Stay tuned for more!

Nothing New

Neither me nor my coauthor has written anything this week, so there isn’t much to share. I’m not going to post next week, since I’m going on vacation. Since there isn’t anything to post, I’ll use another sample chapter as filler.

Chapter II

The Last Sage

“Grussis! Look out!” yelled Cornez as a sharpened bone flew past him.
“Cover me!” I yelled, “I’ll stop them! Ignosis!”
Most of Death’s skeletons burst into flames. I knew that the spell wouldn’t hold them off for long though. I began to run towards the archives. I ran outside and tried to ignore the sight of dismembered and burned sages.
I ran across the battlefield, dodging curse beams and bony soldiers until I came to the room I wanted. Yes, this was the room that contained the one artifact I knew I needed to save- the Staff of Despair. I knew that if evil forces ever got a hold of the staff, then they could drain power from whomever they wish, the ultimate weapon.
I gripped the staff for the first time in a while and began to channel its power. The skeleton army fell to their knees as their power was drained into the staff. With a single wave of the staff, the skeletons crumpled into piles of bone chips.
With the skeletons destroyed, I began to search for survivors. I searched high and low, but could only find mutilated corpses. “Cornez!” I yelled. “Where are you!?” I heard no reply. As I tried to push the thought of the other Spirit Sages out of my head, I tried to find a positive side. “At least the archives were still intact,” I said to myself, trying to hide my own grief.
Death had sent his skeleton army to destroy all of the Spirit Sages, probably because he felt they were a threat to him. Nowadays he could kill just about anyone he felt like killing, or using them as pawns to do his dirty work. I thought I had most of his tactics figured out.
I mustered enough energy to cast a spell that charms the archives so that only I can enter and other people can enter only with my permission. I just hope it will prevent Death from doing any further damage.
I searched through the archives and found some scrolls and potions I might find useful later and left. I had no idea where to go, or what to do when I got there. So I just forged on.
Suddenly, I thought I heard a strong wind. The sound got louder, and I saw the source- a glowing blur in the distance. It came close within seconds and stopped in front of me. I recognized the person in front of me immediately.
I had memorized every single ancient scroll in the archives and practically learned the language of the ancient Sages (I was thought to be the only one who had). In one particular scroll I had learned of the minor Gods, along with illustrations. The glowing man in front of me was Speed, the fastest of the gods.
He had pale skin and a muscular build with chiseled features. He was barefoot, and by looking at his feet I could tell he had run a long way. I felt sorry that he had to travel between the worlds to find me. His unkempt white mustache glowed as brightly as what he held in his hand.
“Grussis,” he said. “Creation wants you to find a girl named Ellise. I have been told nothing else on the subject.”
“Well, if it is Creation’s wish, I suppose I have no choice. I will find the girl. Anything else you wish to tell me?” “Yes,” said Speed. “Creation trusts you to bring her to Paradise once you find her. Here is a special charm that will allow you to enter Paradise- but by no means shall you use it for evil.”
“Of course not,” I replied. He proceeded to hand me a silver horseshoe that appeared to be glowing from the inside. “Thank you, Speed.” The next thing I knew, he wasn’t there.
The horseshoe seemed soft like cotton, but was as heavy as metal should be. It seemed to vibrate in my hand as I held it. For some odd reason, I could not take my eyes off of it. Perhaps because it was a gift from the Gods. Maybe I was amazed at the power it possessed. I might not ever know.
My thoughts then drifted to this girl I was supposed to find. What use would the Gods have for her Up Above? Perhaps they would sacrifice her or use her as a slave, or maybe make her into a pet for Creation to care for. Only the Gods know.
I continued to ponder that thought when another came to mind- how was I to find her?
***Back at Ellise’s ruined house***
As sad as I was about my mother, I knew what that djinn had said was more important. The good thing was that I knew where I was going to find this Sage. It seemed simple. He would be at the fortress of the Spirit Sages. I was about to leave when I saw that the fortress was completely destroyed, with bodies everywhere and green smoke rising from the ruins.
But, as with all tragedy comes hope, and I spotted a figure with a staff and something round and shiny in his hand.

You can read Chapter I here.