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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where Have We been?

I haven’t posted for a month. There hasn’t really been anything stopping me, but I’ve just been procrastinating. I haven’t really gotten anything done, because A) I haven’t seen my coauthor, B) last time I was going to work with him on Google Docs, Irene struck and made me lose power, and C) I’ve just never felt like working on it. I should probably tell you I procrastinate.

We are…

…at the same point in the book as the last post, a month ago. My coauthor has written a few pages since then, but it is mostly embellishment on what we already wrote, not anything new. I am hoping to write a lot more in the next few days. My school was cancelled due to Irene, so I’ll have more time, which I hope to put to good use writing.

There isn’t much else to say, since we haven’t had much progress. I’m also thinking about starting work on the cover for the book; expect pictures of in sometime in the next few posts, along with a poll about which one to use.

I’m thinking of making a page of sample chapters. I created it on Google Docs and now, anyone with the link can view it. If you want to see regularly updated chapters and information about the book. So, see you next post (which hopefully won’t take as long as this one).

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