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Sunday, July 17, 2011


I just realized that I created this blog to promote the book I’m coauthoring, and I’ve never posted in it. I thought- Why don’t I change that? So, now that the book’s almost complete, I might as well start posting weekly.  So. What is Godblood? It’s not us preaching Satanic messages. It’s a fantasy novel.

What’s it about?

The Gods disagree on how much they should influence the mortals, and that argument quickly turns into a heated battle. Eventually, War stabs the God of Magic and kills him, which causes a war.
When a God is killed, the others must choose a mortal to take his or her place. The Gods choose a girl named Ellise, and choose Death as her mentor. Death is using her to gain dominance, though. Ellise must stop him from turning the Gods against each other and gaining absolute power.

Sample Chapters

I’m going to share the prologue and the first chapter with you:


The Council of the Gods had gathered to discuss matters of war in the meeting chamber. All Gods, major and minor were in attendance. Destruction had wanted to directly control human life and manipulate the way their civilization evolved, but that only sparked Creation’s anger towards him. After a long argument, it was decided that the humans would choose their own fate, only to be helped occasionally by the Gods. Perhaps, looking back, Creation would regret this.
But, although the humans had been decided on, Destruction would have none of it. He stood up and began yelling about how they should control humans for fun and to amuse themselves. It seemed that most of the Negative Gods had sided with Destruction, and vice versa with Creation.
Against the Council’s will, Destruction struck a quick blow at Creation, who stumbled back, stunned. Creation prepared to shoot a magic beam at Destruction, but was caught off guard by an attack from Fear. Before the battle got too serious, the minor God Magic tried to interrupt the intense battle, with which War had just entered. Peace also tried to settle this brawl, but was ignored by the others. Peace saw the fight, and knew it needed to be stopped before it got too serious. Peace attempted to calm the fighters, but was assaulted by Famine, who struck Peace to the ground with his scythe. After a failed attempt at using his powers to freeze time, Magic tried pulling War away from the others, only to be stabbed fatally by War’s sword. The other Gods showed obvious distress when they saw the tip of War’s sword emerging from Magic’s chest.
In moments, Magic fell to his knees and died. The Gods knew this was a horrible situation. But not horrible in the way you mortals would think it, but horrible mostly because the blood of a God had spilled. Now, before you think badly on the Gods for not caring about a God dying, and only caring about their blood, the importance of a God’s blood must be stressed. If a mortal managed to enter Paradise and get a hold of the blood of a dead God, then they could bring a deceased mortal back to life. Therefore, whenever a God’s blood spilled, cleanup was practically instantaneous.
Quickly, the minor God Cleanliness cleaned up the mess and contained the situation. It also soon became obvious that they would need to choose a mortal to become the new God of Magic, which would be a very difficult task. This was another dreadful thing that followed the death of a God- finding their replacement. This was an especially horrible task that came with a God’s slaughter. This was a principally difficult ordeal in battles, for Gods were dying right and left, and thus needed corresponding mortals to fill their places.
The Positives were furious at War and Destruction, while the Negatives egged them on, craving violence and chaos. It was this anger fueled a battle between the Gods themselves, a civil war. This war broke out between the two types of major Gods-Negative and Positive. These sides could also be assisted by any Elementals who choose to help, so Fire and Earth joined the Negatives and Water and Wind joined the Positives.
Tensions between Positives and Negatives were always high, but there was a mutual understanding that both sides needed the other for a functional world. They all knew that a war would throw off the balance of the universe. But in only moments, the thin line between balance and chaos was crossed. No one could even attempt to be reasonable, lest they be considered vulnerable, weak. Peace was unspoken of. If one wished to do anything about stopping the war, they had to do it in secret.
Both the Positives and Negatives were caught in a moment of weakness, a moment of blind fury, and they lashed out at each other. This is how the most brutal battle in history began.

You can find chapter 1 here: [LINK].
      -- Andrew

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